The Android developer's journey

The Android developer's journey
Android App Development via Android Studio, the Java object-oriented programming language, together with Google Firebase

***** Completely updated course which includes many more practical challenges. A step-by-step approach guiding you through Java, Android Studio and Google Firebase and particularly focuses on student engagement.  *****

***** Free eBook of the course. Over 300 pages of the lectures plus a glossary of the terms used. *****

This course will take a good look at how to become a developer of Android Apps. It will provide you with much of the basics - some initial programming skills, plus some basic Java and Android App development using Android Studio. We also look into some of the database communications for our chosen database, Google’s Json Firebase database, and the features that we are going to use along the way.

You will receive a tour of Android Studio and be shown ways in which to enrich your Android Development code and thus, your final Android App.

*** **Terrific course with a huge amount covered. A perfect course for gaining basic knowledge about Android app development and design overall. The Firebase section is useful but would be nice if it went further - maybe there is a new course for them to make to do that !!

*** **Very helpful. I shall try to use this info in my own apps, but should be good. I like the lecture format and the accompanying book is useful to work alongside the video. I would like some more on Firebase databases but I gather they are producing a course specifically on that. Will definitely buy that too.

*** **Really, really useful. This course had all I wanted to get a good start at writing my own apps. I thought it was generally well explained and at a pace I could follow. I like the challenges to test myself on what I’d learned. A good speed for me.

*** **I saw the course announcement regarding the revamp of the course so thought I would take a look. Wow! A lot has changed but the new look is great and the course (so far!) is really engaging. Loving the challenges and feel like I might actually be a decent developer in the making. Keep the good work up!

*** **exceptional!

So, where to start?

Once the course is underway, together we are going develop a Java-based Chat App and examine every step of its journey, from the concept and the initial design within Android Studio, some fantastic tips on how to organise your work and make your life so much simpler, ideas on how to implement these thoughts into a workable Android App and through to the final publication on the Google Play Store. Along the way, we will look at using Google’s Json Firebase database and Android Studio and the concept of user-authentication.

These object-oriented skills are vital if you want to become an expert in Android App development, whether for pleasure or a possible income stream. You will learn the basic building blocks in Java and Android Studio, and the course does not require any particular Android version. There are some thought-provoking and interesting student Android App development challenges throughout each lecture, and the small quizzes along the way will test your growing knowledge and show just how much you have learnt but, most importantly, you are in charge of the pace at which you wish to learn.

Android device apps are a now huge industry, grown out of all proportion in recent years, so the skills to create fantastic apps are highly sought after. The Android Developer’s Journey is a step-by-step guide through the concepts of building a great app. Over the course of over 100 quality lectures - over 14 hours of lessons -  we start at the basics of Java and Android Development, then using the Android Studio development environment we take a single chat app from some simple design thoughts through to the implementation of the java coding. This Java app requires a database so we use Google Firebase for user authentication and data storage. We look at the user interface before seeing how to publish the finished app on the Google Play store. A complete Android App Development guide from start to finish.

So, what are you waiting for? Build a fantastic grounding in Android App Development, Android Studio and object-oriented Java Programming with this brilliant course and who knows where it will take you.

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