Data Science-Unsupervised Machine Learning Using R
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Data Science-Unsupervised Machine Learning Using R

Recommender Systems, Association Rules, Dimension Reduction, Network Analysis


Data Science-Unsupervised Machine Learning Using R is designed to cover majority of the capabilities of R from Analytics & Data Science perspective,

  • To be a successful data scientist one must be armed with a plethora of tools to tackle the trickiest of problems.
  • Data mining, forms biggest chunk of topics that one needs to be trained on to be a good data scientist.
  • The unsupervised learning which is a part of Data mining is one of the most important topics.

As a part of this course you will be introduced to a series of topics under this umbrella and will be provided with real life use cases for the same

Who is the target audience?
  • All the IT professionals, whose experience ranges from ‘0’ onwards are eligible to take this session. Especially professionals from data analysis, data warehouse, data mining, business intelligence, reporting, data science, etc, will naturally fit in well to take this course.
  • This course is a part of series of courses on Data Science and care has been taken to ensure that each module is complete in itself; participants seeking to make a career in data analytics