Amazon Web Services - Learn 7 AWS Services in 7 days

Amazon Web Services - Learn 7 AWS Services in 7 days
An in depth guide to use major Amazon Web Servcies AWS in day to day operations

With Amazon Web Services AWS being one of the hottest skills desired by employers we will learn the fundamentals of AWS using the following services

Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)

Identify and Access Management (IAM)

Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Relational Database Service (RDS)

Simple Storage Service (S3)

CloudFomation (CF)

Learn how to interface with AWS from Command Line Interface (CLI)

We will also learn fundamentals of Cloud Computing in this course.

Most of the sections are covered using the AWS Management Console so all you need is internet connection to work on this course.

This course is hands on course so i recommend you to try out each and every video yourself using the AWS management console.

This course is designed in such a way that it can be finished in 9 days if you dedicate around 1 hour a day. So in just 7 days after introduction you will be able to learn the major services of Amazon web Services.

Whether you are a developer, DevOps guy or System Administrator, this course is for you if you want to learn the fundamentals of Cloud Computing using Amazon Web Services.

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