How to Program Games: Tile Classics in JS for HTML5 Canvas

How to Program Games: Tile Classics in JS for HTML5 Canvas
Learn to code tile-based worlds and related core gameplay for genres like arcade, overhead racing, and puzzle adventure.

By taking this new course you’ll program several classic game types that all incorporate 2D tile-based worlds. You’ll code in JavaScript for HTML5 Canvas, so a text editor and ordinary web browser are all you need (an art program can be handy for a few sections but is not required). I’ve attached my code for each step so you’ll never be stuck. At the end you’ll learn even more ways to apply what you’ve learned. Also by completing the course you’ll get a PDF of my complete 500-page textbook on game development: Hands-On Intro to Game Programming. The book contains over 100 exercises, a couple of more game types, and additional material with more detail about the projects you created in this course.

(HTML5 Logo in the course image is by W3C, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. Background pattern for transition cards CC BY-SA 3.0 Subtle Patterns © Atle Mo. drawn by Paul Phönixweiß.)


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