React Native for Mobile Developers

React Native for Mobile Developers
Crash course on how to develop hybrid mobile apps with React Native with no prior web technology experience

React Native for Mobile Developers provides a through introduction to hybrid mobile app development using the wildly popular React Native framework. With only 2.5 hours of engaging video lectures and** all the project files used in the videos**, this course is designed to take students with no experience in React, web technologies, or even JavaScript to accomplished and COMPLETE mobile app developers with NO prior web technology experience.

Why React Native? React Native provides a set of components and extensions that allows you to easily write native iOS and Android applications using the latest ES6 JavaScript. Its syntax is easy to read and understand. The philosophy behind React Native is not the same as Cordova or Sencha Touch. Although you still write JavaScript with React Native, the components you define will end up rendering as native platform widgets. If you are familiar with React for the web, you’ll feel right at home. And if you have written apps in Java or Objective-C, you’ll immediately recognise many of React Native’s components. In **less than 2.5 hours, **you will have the necessary skills to understand and write native hybrid mobile apps with React Native.

This course takes a very structured approach of teaching React Native. Everything from “Hello World” to production-level code is covered. Students acquire skills rapidly through a deep-dive in the world of React Native and JavaScript ES6 development.

Some key features of this course are:

  • 11 lectures and 2.5**+****_ hours of video content_**

  • Learn React Native philosophy from writing your first program to say “Hello World” to building production-level hybrid apps the way Facebook does it while building multiple sample projects along the way

  • Work with the latest and greatest JavaScript ES6 standardisation when developing hybrid mobile apps.

  • Reflux design pattern to allow uni-directional dataflow.

  • How to persist your app’s data using AsyncStorage

  • Asynchronous operations with JavaScript Promises

  • Creating **Responsive UI Designs **with FlexBox Styling Framework

  • much, much more!

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Learn a new framework and increase your value
  • Understand and transfer knowledge from Android and iOS development to Facebook’s React Native
  • Become a Complete Mobile App Developer
  • Develop multiple sample projects to truly understand React Native through practical use.
  • Work with production-level code in chapter 2 and understand how professionals in the industry are using React Native to build hybrid mobile apps.
Who is the target audience?
  • This mobile development course is meant for native mobile developers (Android/iOS) who are not familiar with React web technology and/or newbies to mobile development with no prior experience in native development. Basic programming knowledge is required to understand the concepts introduced in this course.


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