Full Stack HATEOAS: Spring Boot 2.1, ReactJS, Redux,

Full Stack HATEOAS: Spring Boot 2.1, ReactJS, Redux,
Full Stack introduction to HATEOAS

In this course, you will learn the core concepts of HATEOAS as well as how to leverage this on a ReactJS Application.

HATEOAS stands for: Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State (HATEOAS)

It is a REST application architecture in which the servers provide information dynamically through hypermedia (links) that drive the interaction between the client and server.

In this course we will cover the following concepts:

•“Link” (org.springframework.hateoas)

•“linkTo” & “methodOn” (org.springframework.hateoas.mvc.ControllerLinkBuilder)

•“Resource” & “Resources” (org.springframework.hateoas)

•“ResourceAssembler” interface (org.springframework.hateoas)

We have 3 learning goals:

Goal 1: build a prototypeof a REST API with Spring Boot 2.1 and Java 11

Goal 2: Set up ReactJSstarter project to work with Resources and Links

Goal 3:Deploy our prototype to Heroku’sfree tier

Thank you!

Who this course is for:


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