Build CHATBOTS with Dialogflow (V1 & V2) and NodeJS

Build CHATBOTS with Dialogflow (V1 & V2) and NodeJS
BASICS TO ADVANCED. Learn to build Chatbots using the all-powerful NLP platform Dialogflow (V1 &V2) and Node.JS.

Whether you are a novice would be bot developer or have just started your journey in bot development, this course will smoothen your journey  by explaining you the bot development process clearly with examples using Dialogflow and NodeJS.

This course teaches invaluable concepts of Dialogflow that are essential for creating bots for Facebook messenger, Skype, web and Android platform.

Difficult concepts in Dialogflow like Webhook slot filling, validation of user inputs during backend fulfillment, and concepts like Entities, Contexts, Actions, Events are explained with live examples in NodeJS for better clarity which otherwise are not well documented on Dialogflow.comEach topic is covered in top down fashion with practical, hands-on examples.

The later part of the course covers some advanced concepts. A real-life Bus Arrival time bot is written in Node JS using Dialogflow for Facebook messenger, as an Android app and also as a chat enabled web application. The Bus Arrival time bot chats with the user and accepts a parameter called BusStop Number and provides the user the estimated time of arrival of all the busses at that stop. The Bus Arrival Time API is provided by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority. The Bot uses the API to fetch live Bus arrival timings at a bus stop. Complete source code is provided for the learners to learn how an end to end bot is created using Dialogflow and NodeJS.

UPDATE:_ Examples using Dialogflow V2 has been added recently. I will keep adding more examples using Dialogflow Version 2._

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