Rust Programming Language for Beginners

Rust Programming Language for Beginners
More effective than C++. Develop your own Rust Programming library and increase your career options.

Why learn Rust?

Firstly, Rust is hot.  Clients are screaming for Rust developers, so if you learn this language there is little doubt you will have increased career options.

Rust is a simple, efficient and time-saving application that has been designed from the ground-up to prevent faults and keep data secure. This reduces the amount of code you need to write, freeing up time to work on other projects.

But lets not forget one incredibly important feature.  Rust is fun to program in.  In fact it’s regularly voted as one of the most fun languages to develop in.

In this Rust Programming Language for Beginners course, you’ll see real-life examples that can be applied to personal or corporate programs.

One of the many benefits that Rust has is an ownership system, eliminating bugs that crash your apps and programs.  It works just fine in Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can also develop your own libraries and publish them on the Rust repository. Sharing these with other programmers quickly broadens your experience and puts you at the head of the pack.

By the end of this course you’ll have a solid understanding of the Rust language, and  will be able to code in an organised yet fast way through rust modules.

Finally, discover trait-based generics and then you will develop your own grep tool in Rust.

**Course topics include: **

If - Else in Rust

Loops in Rust

Functions in Rust

Tuple and Array in Rust

Ownership in Rust

Guessing Game Using Cargo

Structure in Rust

Enums and Pattern Matching

Using Modules to Re-use and Organize Code

Common Collections

Error Handling

Generic Types, Traits & Lifetimes


An IO Project- Building a Command Line Program

Iterators & Closures

Cargo and Crates .io

Smart Pointer

Fearless Concurrency

Patterns and Matching

As you can see, this course is packed with value to teach you to confidently program in one of the languages that developers love and clients seek help for!

The ideal student would be a someone with a basic knowledge of C,C++ (or another language) who is ready to master an empowering programming language.  But note that it’s not essential to have this knowledge.

Who this course is for:


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