Useful Techniques for Vector Artists: Drawing a Totem (ENG)
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Useful Techniques for Vector Artists: Drawing a Totem (ENG)

Useful tips and methods for working with vector illustration on the example of drawing an Indian totem.


ATTENTION! You can find the version of this class in Russian in my profile.


Join thousands of students from all over the world who are already studying the vector illustration with me!

I am Andrey Bzhitskikh, graphic designer and illustrator from Siberia.

And today, with the example of this funny totem, I’ll show you some serious drawing techniques that will greatly simplify your life.

From a simple sketch to a finished unique vector illustration, you will learn all my secret methods …Well, maybe not quite secret, but very cool!

In this course we will discuss:

  • _Where and how to search for references for work
  • _Drawing a cool illustration from a sketch to a finished vector work
  • _Using the Pen Tool, the Pencil Tool and the Paintbrush Tool
  • _Create a semi-automatic template for symmetric drawing
  • _Selection of a unique color palette and its use in the future
  • _Creating and applying symbols
  • _Fill method using the Pathfinder panel
  • Adding color
  • Adding shadows, lights and glare

This class will not require you to have any serious drawing skills, and it will suit both beginners and experienced illustrators who want to learn new techniques of working with Adobe Illustrator.

And yes, a finished illustration of the totem, a sketch, a color palette and a pattern for symmetrical drawing are already included in the course. You can just download them and start creating right away!


  • Illustrator CC (Free Trial)
  • Graphic Tablet or mouse


Share the final work here on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks! I’ll be glad to see what you created!

Who is the target audience?
  • If you want to learn about the techniques of working with Adobe Illustrator, which will speed up the process of creating illustrations and make it much easier - this class will help you with this.