Complete Angular 7 - Ultimate Guide - with Real World App

Complete Angular 7 - Ultimate Guide - with Real World App
Angular 2, Angular 6, Angular 7, Dashboard, REST API calls, with Sample Project

Covers angular from scratch, you NEED NOT have any prior knowledge of angular or typescript earlier. From Setting-up Environment to Deployment, this course covers all topics like Building blocks, forms, validations, RxJS Basics, Services, Ajax Calls (Api Calls), Dashboard development, Components, Directives, Pipes etc. We use Angular CLI  from day 1 onwards, which is used in real-time development.

All the concepts explained in very easy understandable way…

We use Bootstrap from the beginning of the course.

We use Visual Studio Code, TypeScriptAngular 5 / 6 or 7.

Who this course is for:
  • Fresher / Experienced, who wants to understand Angular 2,4,5,6,7 with complete theoretical and real-time hands-on experience.
  • All examples will be shown in sample mini project, instead of routine basic examples.
  • Beginners to Advanced level of explanation


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