Professional Ruby on Rails Developer with Rails 5

Professional Ruby on Rails Developer with Rails 5
Ruby on Rails - Imagine, design, build web apps and bring your dreams to life with Rails 5

Fully up-to-date fall-2017

The Professional Ruby on Rails Developer with Rails 5 is the latest course brought to you by the creators of the best-selling Ruby on Rails** course** on Udemy! Built by taking 2 years of feedback from thousands of students over multiple Rails courses - it provides the best introduction to Web Applications Development using the wildly popular Ruby on Rails framework. It takes you from beginner to expert in just 8 weeks! With Rails 5 and the introduction of ActionCable you can now build realtime features like chatrooms with ease and we’ll show you how! This course is for students of all levels and backgrounds, those who have no experience in programming at all, those who have worked with other web app development frameworks but want to make the switch to or try Ruby on Rails and also for students who have tried Ruby on Rails in the past but want to take their skills to the next level, just to name a few.

Why Ruby on Rails? Since its introduction, Ruby on Rails has rapidly become one of the most powerful tools for building web applications for startups and existing software houses. Some of the top sites using Ruby on Rails are Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify, Github, LivingSocial, Groupon, Hulu, Airbnb, Yellow Pages and much more. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs or startups looking to rapidly prototype their ideas and bring them to life.

This course provides a very structured approach of teaching Rails and how to use Rails to implement ideas. It teaches the techniques to make the code work for the student. There will be** video lectures, text follow-up lectures after each video lecture, homework, challenge projects and monthly code challenges**. There will be references to free resources available on the internet to supplement the course materials. There is also a live chat channel where students from all our Rails courses hangout and help each other out with questions, solutions and general networking!

A big focus of this course is practice and understanding fundamentals. Most of the code is done from scratch limiting the use of shortcuts, generators and absolutely no scaffolding or “magic”. This is also accomplished by diving right in and using a pre-configured Ruby on Rails development environment in the cloud eliminating time required to setup a local development environment and the roadblocks that go with it.

Some key aspects of this course are:

Who this course is for:


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