Arduino 101 - Intel Curie

Arduino 101 - Intel Curie
Learn about the latest Arduino that contains the Intel Curie Module. The Arduino 101

Course Description

Learn the basic concepts of the latest Arduino 101. This development board includes the new Intel Curie Model.

With a built in Dual Core Processes Architecture, the Curie has an X86 Core and ARC Core built onboard both running at 32 Mhz. Built in Bluetooth Low Energy and other interfaces make this a strong building block for any IoT project.

Arduino Sketch programming language

Mac OSX used in the class.

Arduino IDE 1.6.5 used in the class

Learn the fundamentals of using this new board and open your mind to new possibilities.

Content and Overview

This course explains how to setup and use the new Arduino 101 board, the latest Arduino combined with the new Intel Curie Module.

What am I going to get from this course?

Detailed explanations of using the new board, setting it up, programming basic sketches and basic Bluetooth LE connectivity.

Suitable for any programmer level, get started on IoT basics and start dreaming today.

Teaching by example with hands on examples showing technical details.


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