SEO Training & Social Media Digital Marketing Course 17 in 1

SEO Training & Social Media Digital Marketing Course 17 in 1
Digital marketing course 17 in 1. Facebook marketing. Facebook ads. Social media. SEO training. Local SEO. SEO WordPress

All in 1 Digital marketing course. All you need for your ultimate success in marketing.

SEO training, Local SEO, SEO structured data (SEO snippets), SEO keywords research, SEO rankings, SEO link building, SEO Yoast Wordpress, SEO content optimisation, Google Search Console, SEO tools, Facebook marketing, Facebook ads, Facebook page set up & settings, Instagram, Social media marketing, Social media strategy, Social media optimisation, User experience, Newsletter & Google my business - DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE BOOSTING YOUR SKILLS TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF PROFICIENCY.

You will reach great success. You will discover that you potential has been unlimited.

No matter, who you are or where are you from. Every month you can get more & more weapon to become ultimate master of Facebook marketing & SEO & Local SEO. I will be always helping you to develop your skills in the digital marketing and you will see that you can do much more you have ever dreamed about.

Internet efficiency awarded strategies to help you boost your profits unlimited way

The Internet Efficiency Awarded strategies in digital marketing fundamentals (SEO, Local SEO, Wordpress SEO, Google my business, Marketing strategy, User experience, Facebook marketing, Facebook advertising, Newsletter etc.). Updated every month. Step by step you will become the online marketing professional and get all my know-how that I have been developing since 1998.

Join happy students in this digital marketing course:

“This course is very engaging. The author is very knowledgable. It gives me very good understanding of the social media and SEO. I like the way the explanations are done. MAGNIFICIENT. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. ESPECIALLY TO STARTING PEOPLE WHO NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THE DIGITAL MARKETING.”


“In-depth screen recording. Very good for beginners. Engaging explanations. Nice atmosphere. Tips and short explanations are fantastic. Overall very good course. I LOVE THE FACEBOOK STRATEGY. FANTASTIC EXPLANATION.”


“I like this course very much. I am enjoying the clear explanations. After seeing all the course, I have to write - FANTASTIC. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL PEOPLE TO DEVELOP THE SKILLS IN THE DIGITAL MARKETING.”

“Enjoyable, useful, practical. Great course. Highly recommend to all people, especially business owners.”

“So far it seems like very good course. I am excited about the author and the content. Looking forward to dive deeper into this course.”

“Extremely Great and useful course. Highly recommended!”

“Practical and enjoyable course. I like that this course really shows how to support my business, my sales and my website. Good is the multiple “super hack” for promotional post for free. Looking forward more updates.”

Real digital marketing know-how that will work for you on all levels

You are getting real know-how how to get new customers and boost your profits through tested golden digital marketing strategies. You will immediately know, what to do and you will become very confident.

80.000+ happy students in the European educational centre & University of Cambridge ESOL

Since 1998 I have been helping people in their professional careers. From 1998 - 2013 I was the CEO & marketing manager of the European educational centre, being also awarded by European prize for education. So far we have helped more than 80.000+ people in their professional growth. My marketing plan has been the winning one for the Cambridge University and I have been honoured to open the first open Cambridge ESOL centre in the Eastern Bohemia. I started the first Facebook page in 2009 and I got the first position in the search in 2001 (I have launched my first website in 1998). Helping people grow is my lifetime passion.

30 days money refund guaranteed

I wish to have only the most happy and excited students. Feel free to write me anytime with any question or topic wish. If you are not satisfied, you get full refund. No questions.

Digital marketing course updated every month

This course is build step by step, covering all the digital marketing fundamentals from the author awarder by the Internet efficiency award and the European prize for educating blind people.

SEO - Search engine optimisation explained for humans. So, you really understand the SEO.

You will start understanding the local SEO and SEO. You will know, how to implement the Google structured data - Google snippets - SEO great mastery. You will get complete explanations as well as resources and Google structured data SEO codes examples as well as complete SEO guide for SEO Yoast on WordPress. You will develop your SEO skills greatly.

Facebook marketing  & Facebook advertising  & Social media - explained the way you really know-how to succeed.

Very easy and friendly way you will understand and use Facebook marketing. You will start understanding that the key to your Facebook success is very easy to reach. You will accomplish these 3 conditions for success in Facebook marketing:

1. Highly quality engaging post on your Facebook
2. Targeting / promoting your post on Facebook to people, who can become your customers and boost your profits
3. Remarketing / retargeting already interested audience to accomplish more business and get more sales / more customers

Why million dollars digital marketing strategy? Is it possible to reach ultimate result through SEO & Facebook marketing?

It is real. I have realised it for my client. Joining together smart way the social media, user experience optimisation and SEO, can take your business on the new level of prosperity. For my client, I have brought through this digital marketing strategy unbelievable results that has been awarded by the Internet efficiency award. Please imagine small start-up performing better than gigantic company with 20 years of history. The 2nd example: for Karlovy lazne (the biggest club in Central Europe) I realise approximately 10,8 million views in search every 3 month. Just through Google my business local SEO. Your limits to get clients and boost sales are endless like the ocean.

**Is it possible to get the results on Facebook for 0,00095? **

Yes, definitely. I will explain you social media both theoretical and practical way. I will show you my most successful campaigns. You can do it yourself. Creating the right content targeted to the right people, supported by different kinds of remarketing on Facebook, can bring miraculous results, both in engagement and real clients.

Is it possible to reach massive national engagement on Facebook for 150 dollars?

Yes. Absolutely. I will show you, how we did. Combine well great viral movie (you will see this movie) with the right targeting will bring you unbelievable results you have been dreaming all the time.

Google my business local SEO

You will use the power of Google My Business - Local SEO to the maximum. You will get new customers and build your reputation. You will use the power of news and promote special promotions directly on Local SEO through Google My Business. You will know, how to build your positive reputation management and optimise the content and structure of your website.

This course will give you all the power you need to boost your profits and attract new customers. You will know how to use the Google My Business (local SEO) and you will see the best practices on the biggest night club in the Central Europe - KARLOVY LAZNE.

You will see the power of 3.707.071 views and 26.524 direct actions that are realise every month for free. You will see different examples and you will quickly and effectively understand what to do to boost your sales and get more customers through local SEO Google My Business. You will the unlimited power of local SEO through Google my business - approximately 10.800.000 views every 3 months for 1 place in Prague.

During short time you will discover the best practices and you will have the power to use the Google My Business Local SEO to the maximum. Google My Business is for free. You do not need to pay any money. You just start and attract more customers.

You will reach special skill of multiple special posts allowing you to promote anything you need absolutely for free.

You will reach this expertise, no matter what level of your online marketing strategy has been:

Key strategies that you will develop in SEO - Search engine optimisation:

Facebook marketing - use the full power of your Facebook page

Updated every month to empower your digital marketing**:

Minus of this course:**

There are so many strategies and examples I wish to give you. So I build it step by step for you. I probably finish on 30 hours of movies, examples and explanations. Sorry. My time is limited. I guarantee you new updates every month.

Write me anytime:

I am very open to your questions and topics that are the most important to you.

Who is the target audience?


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