Microsoft SQL Database Fundamentals

Microsoft SQL Database Fundamentals
Learn the fundamentals of SQL as you build a database for a fictitious hardware store

Learn the fundamentals of SQL for beginners as you build a database for a fictitious hardware store, covering customers, and stock and orders in this online SQL training course. Follow the real-time videos to see exactly how to build a complex database and the methods used to extract meaningful information via queries, stored procedures, scalar functions and views. 60+ pages of step by step PDF documentation complements the online sql training course, which can be done with either the full or FREE Express version of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2012.

Written by a senior SQL developer at a major global company, the online SQL training course is based on practices used on a daily basis, rather than classroom theory. This is the ideal SQL training course for beginners (with some database experience) or if you need to learn SQL for a job interview in a short space of time, or need practical examples of a SQL database in use.


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