Build a Serverless App with AWS Lambda - Hands On!

Build a Serverless App with AWS Lambda - Hands On!
Create a chat web app using Amazon Web Services - Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, S3, Cognito, CloudFront, and more.

Immerse yourself in Amazon Web Services (AWS) with this hands-on, project-based course - and truly internalize some highly valuable skills in the world of technology. We’ll walk you through building your own chat website using nothing but AWS services - and no standalone services or server instances at all!

Building a “serverless app” using AWS and its Lambda service is a great introduction to the core services AWS offers. As you create your chat application, you’ll learn and use the following AWS services:

We’ll tie it all together by learning and practicing Javascript, and we’ll learn about **CORS **to grant browsers the permissions they need to run a serverless application.

Even if you’re familiar with AWS, you’ll learn valuable techniques on how to build a fully functional, dynamic website without maintaining any servers at all - not even via EC2!

Your highly experienced guides through this project are Frank Kane, formerly a senior manager at Amazon, and Brian Tajuddin, a principal engineer also formerly working at Amazon. _You’ll be learning AWS from people who were there when it was being created. _You’ll join over 140,000 other students of the Sundog Education team who have leveled up their careers with hot technical skills.

As an added bonus, you’ll be offered membership in a closed Facebook Group for students of this course, where you can continue to collaborate with each other even after you’ve finished it.

Although this course isn’t targeting any specific AWS certification exam, you’ll leave it with a great foundation of AWS knowledge that will begin to prepare you for them.

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