Learning Path: Elasticsearch Integration with PHP & Laravel

Learning Path: Elasticsearch Integration with PHP & Laravel
Perform advanced search and analytics on your web applications using Elasticsearch

Are you a developer who wants to get the most out of Elasticsearch for advanced search and analytics? Or are you a PHP developer and interested in integrating ElasticSearch into your web applications, especially those built using Laravel? If yes, then go for this Learning Path.

Packt’s Video Learning Path is a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

Elasticsearch is an open-source, broadly-distributable, readily-scalable, and enterprise-grade search engine. Accessible through an extensive and elaborate API, Elasticsearch can power extremely fast searches that support your data discovery applications. Integrating Elasticsearch with PHP/Laravel web application will help you create functional and searchable web applications. Elasticsearch has the following advantages:

This Learning Path starts with introducing new features of Elasticsearch 5.x and setting up Elasticsearch on your system. You will learn basic operations of Elasticsearch to perform on your data. You will then see how to create complex queries and analytics, and perform index mapping. Next, you will learn to use Elasticsearch REST API, the Sense tool, and two different Elasticsearch PHP libraries to integrate Elasticsearch with PHP/Laravel application, starting with the PHP libraries and expanding to the Laravel Scout package. Finally, you will learn to create database of information, adding more data types, and performing more advanced queries and data analysis.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will gain skills required to build a functional Elasticsearch integration in your PHP/Laravel web application.

About the Authors:

Alberto Paro is an engineer, project manager, and software developer. He currently works as freelance trainer/consultant on big data technologies and NoSQL solutions. He loves to study emerging solutions and applications mainly related to big data processing, NoSQL, natural language processing, and neural networks. He began programming in BASIC on a Sinclair Spectrum when he was eight years old, and to date, has collected a lot of experience using different operating systems, applications, and programming languages.

Kyle Nicodemus is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences. Kyle has a strong background in Linux System Administration and Cloud Operations. He has worked in environments supporting both large and small scale web applications.

He currently works as a DevOps engineer at Global Thinking in Alexandria, Virginia. In his current role, he is responsible for the design and implementation of the cloud infrastructure behind two large web software products. He also works as a technical architect and backend developer for web applications, including one built using the Laravel framework with a custom Elasticsearch integration.

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