Entity Framework : A Comprehensive Course

Entity Framework : A Comprehensive Course
Entity Framework in Depth by Industry Expert. Covers from Basic to Advanced Topics like Code First, LINQPad, Projects

Welcome to Entity Framework : A Comprehensive Course

Entity Framework is anObject/Relational Mapping(O/RM) framework by Microsoft which automates database related activities for your application as to write and manage ADO.Net code for data access is a tiresome and repetitious job.

With Entity Framework there is no need write data-access code and thus it simplifies the work of Developers.

At the end of Entity Framework - A Step by Step Course, you will be able to:

Learn ORM Technologies – Basic Concepts

Understand Entity Framework – Overview

Read Data with EF

Create, Update, Delete using Entity Framework

Execute Native SQL Queries

Join and Group Tables

Attach and Detach Objects

Implement Code First Main

Create Database Interaction

Implement Code First Migrations

Configure Mappings

Implement LINQPad

Create Transactions in Entity Framework

Understand Repository Pattern and Unit of Work

Create Demo Project

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Join in, As for learning Entity Framework this course is the authority and equally important you will get a certification of completion that validates your skills.

Feel forward to have a look at course description and demo videos and we look forward to see you inside.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn Entity Framework


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