Jquery For Beginners

The complete course of jquery

Jquery For Beginners

What’s is jQuery?

JQuery is a fast, small, and feature rich JavaScript library jQuery was originally released in January 2006 at Bar Camp (NYC) by John Resig.

JQuery is a JavaScript toolkit designed to simplify various task writing less code

JQuery is not a language but it is a well written JavaScript code it is free open source software Dual-Licensed under the (MIT) license and the (GNU) general public license.

How to use jQuery?

There are two ways to use jQuery

What you will learn inside this course?

You will learn how to download and implement jQuery inside your web page the full concept of jQuery has been explained inside this course you will learn how to code as a jQuery developer if I say in short form inside this course you will learn all about jQuery from basic to advance if you are new to jQuery then this is exactly the course which you are searching for that this course will take your carrier into the next level after completing this course you will be qualify with the full concept of jQuery means you will have the full knowledge of jQuery and you can explain the concept of jQuery to anyone else you can work on projects related to jQuery you can call yourself a jQuery developer after completing this course

Why jQuery?

JQuery is a very compact and well written JavaScript code that increase the productivity of the developer by enabling them to achieve critical UI functionality by writing very small amount of code

Other advantages of jQuery are:

No need to learn fresh new syntax to use JQuery knowing simple JavaScript syntax is enough

Simple and cleaner code, no need to write several lines of code to achieve complex functionality

Write less do more with jQuery to create animation for web pages and add dynamic to your website

Who is the target audience?

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