DevOps CI CD with Jenkins

DevOps CI CD with Jenkins
Build Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Pipelines using Jenkins, Git and ANT

This course will teach you DevOps concepts of CI/CD, with emphasis on Jenkins, Git and ANT build automation.

The course has been designed so that you would first get a conceptual understanding of what is DevOps and terms like CI and CD and their differences before getting hands on with the software. After that you would be guided through installation, set up, UI walkthrough and building your own simple hello-world jobs to fully functional and complex CICD pipelines.

At the same time you would also learn basics of Git and ANT build automation scripting, thereby making you ready to implement a complete CICD solution from scratch at your organization.

The theory has been kept to a minimum and crisp, just enough to get you the context before you start hands on.

Who is the target audience?
  • Developers, QA testers, Deployment team members and anyone who is into software development
  • Students who wish to learn to automate and add quality to their software projects


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