Elevate Your Photography - Learn Essentials of Great Photos
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Elevate Your Photography - Learn Essentials of Great Photos

Study 100 great photographs to learn their keys to success. An array of genres - landscape, travel, portrait, food..


Photography is a craft - anyone can learn to take great photographs but it requires practice and, importantly, understanding the **components that make photographs great. **(When you understand these underlying mechanisms you can carry them with you to elevate your photos in any circumstance - it makes practice more valuable because you have a foundation behind it).

I made this course because I think studying others photos is one of the most beneficial things you can do to learn photography. It offers a great deal of insight and inspiration - it’s the closest thing in my mind to replicating the value of a photography degree - the practice of learning through study. This process greatly helped me improve my photography over the years so I really believe it can help you in this condensed course.

This course is for anyone looking to gain a foundation of skills to elevate their photography. It is not about technical settings or equipment, it’s purely a study of the most valuable photographic conventions - which by the end will offer a tool box of skills to take aesthetically pleasing/ engaging / widely enjoyed images.

What We Will Cover (A Brief overview):

1. Intent & Subject

“a camera is a save button for the minds eye”

Learn the importance of considering the WHAT & WHY. Explore the value in identifying subject and focal points and discover mechanisms that can lead the eye to them within the image. Learn how you can give new insight to the subject - to create even more compelling images/ intention behind your photographs.

2. Light & Shadow

“Photography; painting with light”

Learn to see the light. Learn what quality light is and how to harness the best natural light forms for stunning/ 3-dimensional photos. Understand the value and abilities of shadow - how it can create more interest, engagement, shape or mood in a photo.

3. Timing & Moment

“photography freezes moments allowing you to stop and connect with the richness of reality”

Understand how consideration of moment can capture greater insights to the subject, genuine emotions or compelling compositions.

4. Colour

Colour is a powerful tool in photography - it can bring life to a photo, enhance emotion, direct focus, or be the subject itself. Learn how to harness colour to create dynamic and evocative photos.

5. Composition

Explore 15+ valuable compositional mechanisms to create visually appealing and engaging photos. These are the easiest and some of the most valuable skills to elevate photographs quickly.

6. Insights to Specific Genres

Key insights I think are valuable to creating great images within these specific fields of photography:

  • Portraiture
  • Macro
  • Street
  • Food
  • Nature

**7. Bonus - personal tips I have gained value from **

A range of general and specific tips and tools that have served me well over the years. A range of links to check-out and online realms I would recommend interacting with.

Enjoy the course!

Who is the target audience?
  • This Course Is For All Levels Of Photographer (Beginner - Semi-Professional) Who Want To Elevate Their Photography To A Higher Level
  • This Course Is For Anyone Who Wants To Understand The Components Of Great Photos And Build A Toolset To Take Great Photos
  • This Course Is For People Who Want To Better Understand The Use Of: Subject, Light, Timing, Colour & Composition in Photography
  • This Course is For People Who Want To Become Great Photographers
  • This Course Is For Photographers Interested In The Fields Of: Portrait, Landscape, Travel, Food, Street, Or Nature Photography (And Valuable For Focus In Other Fields Too)