Create Fast RESTful APIs with Lumen and Homestead by Laravel

Create Fast RESTful APIs with Lumen and Homestead by Laravel
Lumen, a micro-framework by Laravel, is the best way for faster RESTful APIs. Create a RESTful API with Lumen/Homestead

Create an agile and fast RESTful API with Lumen from scratch and step-by-step

In this course you are going to learn to develop a professional and fully functional RESTful APIs using Lumen, the micro-framework based on Laravel.

Lumen is a micro-framework for PHP based on laravel, c****ombining the most highlighted features of laravel in a much lighter and faster version.

Why Lumen?

Lumen has the best features of L__aravel in a more _light _and quick version, while remaining expressive, intuitive, powerful and especially simple .

With _Lumen y_our API will support at least twelve hundred (1200) requests in a range of 10 seconds with 10 simultaneous requests. This great speed makes it the perfect candidate for implementing a RESTful API in it, and the best, it is completely easy!

Millions of programmers of PHP use L__aravel and all of them are agree with the incredible ease and agility that Lumen provides for micro services, including of course, RESTful APIs, so, what are you waiting for? Take it now!

Lumen for PHP have been included new concepts and facilities, similar to Laravel allowing you to create fast, agile but powerful RESTful API easily.

You are going to obtain this specific knoledge and skills during the course:

During the course will create a RESTful API from scratch , following the REST architecture and the proper construction of URLs to identify actions and resources using the controllers and routes for resources on Lumen.

Hone the characteristics of your work tools ( Sublime Text 3, Git shell, Lumen, Composer, artisan PHP ) and improve your productivity for development agile.

Learn to develop a local project on **Windows **with Homestead , how to interact with the virtual machine Vagrant , with the operative system Ubuntu through a connection ssh .

You’ll see how to use Lumen through the console _PHP artisan _to build agile a RESTful API that responds to methods of HTTP ( GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE PATCH ), also populate the database structure and build an automated manner.

It does not end there! Will have access for l_ife for the_ additional classes that are constantly be adding to the course.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to develop your own RESTful API with Lumen and PHP and including micro-services, in a quick and simple way, exploiting the facilities provided by this micro-framework for the proper and adequate implementation of your projects.

Do not wait to be proficient in PHP and RESTful. Join the course and see you in class

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