Advanced Power Query - The Missing User Manual Finally Here
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Advanced Power Query - The Missing User Manual Finally Here

This is the course that should come with each installation. Build with advanced features and move to a higher level.


This course is essential for developing your data career

3rd in my series of Udemy courses on mastering data cleaning in the age of big data

Every day is a training day for your next job opportunity. Prepare by making data transformations that are simple to use and quick.  People notice, and you will have a solid career.  Microsoft has the right tool for this.  It’s called Excel Power Query.  Want to use it like a pro?

Advanced Excel Power Query Will Strengthen Your Data Analytics Career

  • ‘Learn by doing’ with downloadable exercise files and step-by-step video demonstrations

  • Custom columns, the Power Query Formula Language (‘M’ code), embedded functions and much more

  • Dozens of tips & tricks focused on Power Query’s best features

Control Your Data Instead Of Letting It Control You

I designed this course for data users of all levels.  There is something here for everyone.  We’ll solve some of the most common data cleansing problems encountered by data analysts.  You’ll walk away with first-rate knowledge  valued in the job market.  It’s essential for developing your data career.

Companies are moving to Excel Power Query for next generation data analysis power. Let me prepare you for the career that companies need.

Who is the target audience?
  • Those who want to learn an in-demand business skill and increase their career opportunities
  • Those who want to improve their data analytics and Power Query talents
  • Those who are willing to try Power Query in new ways