Build a Real Time Chat App with JavaScript and Firebase

Build a Real Time Chat App with JavaScript and  Firebase
Learn to build a real time chat app and chat to friends and family

Firebase is database service that is used to provide backend functionality for applications big and small.

Firebase has three types of plans icluding a free plan that allows you real time data download and upload limits and 
also storage facilities.  Firebase on the free plan allow 100 simultaneous connections to your application.
Firebase implementation in your application means you do not need to write any backend server code. It supports both web and mobile app deployments.

In this beginner course we will be building a real time chat app  that you can deploy using firebase static hosting and share 
the link with friends and family and begin to chat provided there are only 100 simultaneous connections. If you are expecting more than 100 simultaneous connections to your app
you will have to upgrade to a paid plan.

We will be using the frontend tools like HTML ,CSS and JavaScript  to build the app’s user interface and functionality and 
use firebase as the backend database server.

In this course we will aslo be installing and using the Firebase CLI tool . This resourceful tool can be used to manage and administer your firebase project.
The tool can be used to various task like:

What you will learn include:

Looking forward to you joining the course.


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