Start Building Web Apps And Services With Node.js + Express

Start Building Web Apps And Services With Node.js + Express
This course will teach you how to dive in to Node.js and the Express framework to start building your new web app today!

***** Updated January 2015 *****

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Over 900 students have purchased this class to get started building web apps, services and tools in one of the most in-demand and cutting edge programming languages around, Node.js!

Our first module covers a brief review of Javascript, making sure you have a solid foundation and getting you up to speed quickly.

Then we jump right into building your first Node.js script and web server. By the end of the first module you’ll have created a Node.js web server capable of running your app or service.

In the second set of lessons we explore Express, the most popular framework for creating web applications with Node.js. We’ll cover routing requests, rendering html templates, including middleware, and serving static sites. When this is finished up you’ll be able to crank out a web app in no time using the express generator.


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