ChatBots: Messenger ChatBot - DialogFlow and nodejs

ChatBots: Messenger ChatBot - DialogFlow and nodejs
Use DialogFlow to train chatbot to have dialogs. Develop backend app to connect chatbot to web services and databases

Do you want to build a chatbot, so a bot that can talk? Yes a bot that can talk to your friends or customers or fans while you sleep or do something else. You can make one for your customer that keep on asking the same questions. Or if you have a community for your fans and followers that want to know your personal details. Use your imagination, any time you have to reply the same thing over and over again, someone else like a bot can do it for you.

In the first part of the course we’ll make a chatbot without programming skills. We’ll build a ChatBot that can answer frequently asked questions and I’ll show you how to teach your bot to have any other dialogs. We’ll learn this by teaching our ChatBot to make job interviews.

We’ll use DialogFlow to process natural language, that is understand what users want.

Chat bot will communicate to its customers via the Facebook Messenger.

And in the second part we’ll use NodeJS to upgrade the bot. So the basic knowledge of javascript and** NodeJS** is needed.

With the new app our bot will be able to remember things, that is store information into a database or connect to other API services. With this bot will gain external knowledge and functionality.


At the end of the course you’ll have a fully functional ChatBot. And you’ll also know how to teach the bot to have other dialogs with customers. You’ll know how to make a bot for yourself and for other people.

My name is Jana Bergant and I’m a developer with over 19 years of experience. I’m an IT instructor teaching people new tech skills.  Over 11500 people are already taking my course.

I help all my students at every step of development. And I’ll be here for you!

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Most of the course videos have been recently updated! We now use latest DialogFlow v2 in the course. Also every video with code changes has now a link to GIT commit with the changes in the video. This way you won’t loose time with typing errors.

Do you want to catch the train in the new tech revolution, the bot revolution?

Chatbots represent one of the major trends in 2017. Some have even suggested they’ll eventually supplant our app-based ecosystem.

App leaders like Facebook, who want to guarantee that people spend most of their time in their apps, are placing big bets on aggregating content and collecting bot integrations to keep users active and engaged.

So if the predictions turn right this will open up a new channel for businesses to reach a large audience. And here is a BIG OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! Be one of the first people that know how to build chatbots. You can build it for your business or other people.

This course will show you how to create a ChatBot!

Last edit:

25th August 18: All of the videos in the course have been updated. We now use DialogFlow v2.

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7. February 18: added extra instructions on how to set persistent menu, get started button, welcome text via Chrome Extension

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12. July:

More work with a database - retrieving and using user’s preferences


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11.September: added 2 part of the course. We upgrade the chatbot, add new features using NodeJS

So join me and let’s build a chat bot together!

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